Client Testimonials


“I came across Allison’s page when I was in the beginning steps of my fitness journey, and I am so glad I did. I reached out to her and she shortly became my coach, and that is when I learned all about macros, aka IIFYM. She is SO knowledgeable in the field of macros/food, and answered any and every question I had. She always asked me how I was feeling and doing, and got to know me on a more personal level. I was never hungry, the workouts were intense, I pushed myself to new levels, nothing was “cookie cutter,” and most importantly; I saw results and became much more confident! Without Allison I would not be where I am today! ”

Kathleen Alexander, NPC Bikini Competitor (Florida)

“I found Allison on social media when searching for information about Adrenal Fatigue recovery. One of her posts came up and I was super impressed to see how she had recovered from AF all on her own! After following her for a while I decided to message her and ask for some help with my diet, as I was struggling with AF myself and unsure of how to eat while trying to heal my adrenals. Shortly after this I got engaged, and that led me to hiring Allison as my complete nutrition and training coach! I have worked with trainers in the past, and I want to say that Allison is so much different (in a good way!) She actually listened to every single one of my concerns – from my food preferences, to my knee and back issues, to my damaged metabolism, to my post-eating disorder mindset and being worried about falling back into unhealthy habits, to wanting to heal my adrenals and hormonal imbalance. Not only did she create a plan that was made to fit EXACTLY with what I needed in my life, she helped me so much with the emotions and fear that come with changing our habits and our daily lifestyle. SO MANY TIMES I emailed her with negative thoughts and feelings, and never ONCE did she complain, even though I know that had to be annoying. She talked me through my feelings every time and helped me see how new concepts like counting macros and lifting heavy were not only beneficial to my body, but completely doable. I learned how to view food as simply carbohydrates, fat, and protein, rather than “good/bad” or “clean/unclean”. I learned how to log my meals and my workouts, and learned the importance of progress photos over the scale! Through all the programs she wrote for me, she always kept my overall health in mind, and her top goal was ALWAYS healing my adrenals and getting my body back to a healthy place. Allison is BY FAR the BEST trainer I have ever worked with – I only wish I had found her sooner!”

Becky Gee (Indiana)

“Allison was fabulous. She was extremely thorough in gathering information about me and creating a plan that was tailored to my needs. She was attentive, professional and I really could not have done any better with someone else. She was also very affordable.”

Dini K. (Cleveland, OH)


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