Shopping Tips for Eating Clean

I am here to help you on where to buy all your healthy foods…and be a smart shopper while doing it! Do not let the cost deter you from making smart choices! Here are my top tips and favorite stores on where to shop.


  • For fresh produce, shop in season! It is more likely to be a lower price.
  • Frozen vegetables and fruit are a great substitute for fresh. I personally buy my broccoli, chopped spinach, stir fry “mixes”, and green beans all frozen! It saves money, food prep time, and you are less likely to waste it.
  • Buy meat and protein sources in BULK when they are on SALE. Value packs are great; cook what you need, and/or FREEZE the rest until you need it.
  • When frequently used items are on sale, buy MULTIPLE and stock up until they are on sale again.
  • Go online or look through the local print ads where the stores have their weekly specials. Plan your meals accordingly…For example, if ground turkey and oatmeal are on sale, but tilapia and brown rice are not, guess what you should buy?? Then look at your recipes and pantry: You can make oatmeal for breakfast, protein pancakes, turkey scrambles, turkey meatloaf…the key is to be smart and savvy!
  • Buy store-brand versus name brand items. Most of the items will have the same ingredients and nutritional info.
  • Be a coupon-user! Look through the local paper, the weekly special ads for the stores, etc. Vons has a Just4u coupon online program where it provides you with sales based on your previous most frequent purchases!

My Top Choices to find:

Baking ingredients/spices/Misc: TARGET or…. BIG LOTS(!)

Ok, first off…who doesn’t love Target?? 🙂 You can’t always say the same for Big Lots, I know. However, both have great deals on baking supplies. The reason why I don’t have an issue with Big Lots is because I am buying canned products or spices/ extracts (which have a very long shelf life). I usually find a good deal on:

  • canned pumpkin
  • baking chocolate chips
  • cocoa powder
  • Nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc)
  • Spices/Extracts

It’s definitely worth an extra trip!

Fresh Produce/Speciality Ingredients: SPROUTS

Not only are there many locations, they have regular low prices and pretty good sale specials as well. Shop on Wednesdays-the weekly specials overlap on that day so you get double the amount of products on sale! I buy all my fresh produce here as well as some baking items I cannot find at the grocery store. I buy:

  • All of my fruits and veggies
  • Walden’s Farms Calorie Free Syrups and Dressings
  • Coconut Flour (in bulk)
  • Almond Meal  (in bulk)

Proteins/Dairy/Grains, etc: Grocery stores (I prefer Vons)

***DISCLAIMER: I do not shop at Costco and do not have a membership. I have seen their prices on meat, eggs, produce, etc. and it is comparable to Vons, however, I am not feeding an ENTIRE FAMILY. Costco seems like it would be a better choice if you were cooking for a large amount of people.

With that being said, I buy most of my food at Vons.

  • Proteins/Meats- chicken, fish, turkey, etc.
  • Grains/Carbs and pantry items- oatmeal, brown rice, etc.
  • Dairy products- Greek yogurt, almond milk, etc.

Protein Powder/Supplements: Vitamin Shoppe or

I have found the best selection and prices here. I personally buy my:

  • Protein powder (whey and casein; Dymatize or Optimum Nutrition)
  • Post-workout amino acid supplements (Optimum Nutrition)
  • Vitamins
  • Peanut Flour (PB2) ONLINE at dpsnutrition

I hope all this helps. Happy Shopping!

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