Low Carb Pumpkin Protein Loaf

This is a very similar recipe to the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf, however, I changed a few spices around and the bread has a total different taste. In a good way of course!!! Not dry, very flavorful, great to have as a mid morning snack!


1.5 scoops vanilla protein powder

3 tablespoons ground flaxseed

1 cup canned pumpkin

3/4 cup egg whites

Stevia-to taste ( I use between 2 and 3 tbsp)

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp cinnamon (I like a lot!)

1/2 tsp each of nutmeg and all spice (feel free to add more)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Optional: raisins, dried cranberries, pecans, walnuts…

Mix all ingredients all together until blended. Pour into a silicone baking loaf pan, or a very greased new loaf pan (don’t say I didn’t warn you if it sticks to the non-silicone loaf pans!) I have also lined my regular loaf pan with FOIL and then SPRAYED them and the foil peeled off alright. So that is another option!

Bake at 350F for about 30-35 minutes, depending on the size/depth of your loaf pan. If you test the middle of the loaf with a knive, it should come out clean and the loaf should be baked all the way through.

Fresh baked deliciousness!!!

Nutrition Information: (without any fruit or nuts)

My loaf pan makes 10 servings:

1 serving: 40 calories   6g protein   1.2g carbs    .3g fat

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